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Boldenone Cypionate raw powders

Boldenone Cypionate raw powders

Name:Boldenone Cypionate Anabolic steroid powder
CAS No:106505-90-2
Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: White or off-white crystalline powder.
Delivery Date: Within 2days After Payment Confirmed.

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Product Details

Product details

NameBoldenone Cypionate
Other nameBoldenone Cypionate Anabolic steroid powder
AppearanceWhite Or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Min order quantity10grams.
Quality standardEnterprise Standard
PackingAs your require
StorageKeep it under seal in cool and dark place
CertificationGMP, ISO 9001, USP, BP
GradePharmaceutical Grade
PackageIn foil bag or drum
AppearanceWhite Or Almost White Crystalline Powder
UsagePharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

boldenone cypionate

Product description:

Boldenone Cypionate raw powders and Teli replenish the lean body mass you want:

Teriton can quickly restore muscle state, increase strength, increase the number of red blood cells, increase the retention rate of nitrogen,Boldenone reduce sex hormone binding globulin, release more free testosterone ester, and can reduce sebum and increase lean body mass, The growth effect here is pure. Telibu can be singled out in many cases, but the correct single-dumping is also about the method. For details, please refer to the instructions in the "Guide to Commonly Used Oral Safety" in front of the muscle nuclear bomb. However, after long-term practice later, the investigation found that the effect will be more obvious with testosterone.

And after oral administration of Telibu, adding the injection of Boldenone, the effect is quite handsome and perfect! Because the growth brought by Baodenone is also very pure growth, and the endogenous suppression at this time is definitely there, so it is very necessary to add the support of exogenous testosterone and the protective spool of mesterosterone. Mesterolone can increase Free testosterone utilization, improve sexual function status, and have anti-female effect.

This lean body weight gain plan should be an injection and oral plan of Telibu + Mesterolone + Boldenone + Testosterone (enanthic acid or mixed), and you will get a lean body weight gain!

The difference between Boldenone Cypionate and testosterone:

Baodanone is one of the most popular fitness steroids, and it is also known as "shapely" and "parenabo".

It has been proven to significantly increase muscle mass without damaging or affecting the prostate and liver. Super androgenic steroids—or those that promote organ growth, such as Winstrol—are why many bodybuilders need organ transplants in their middle age.

Although testosterone is the basis of all health-based steroid programs, Boldenone Cypionate raw powders is also one of the most beneficial anabolic steroids we can choose. Testosterone is the most common of all anabolic steroids. Testosterone will appear in almost any cycle. testosterone can help you accomplish it.

In order to control the side effects of Boldenone Cypionate, anti-estrogenic drugs are necessary.

There are two types of anti-estrogenic drugs, one is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, such as tamoxifen (tamoxifen); the other is an aromatization inhibitor such as Reninde (anastrozole) aromatization inhibitor. Bold cyp proved to be the most effective, it can keep the process of aromatization and keep the estrogen in the blood at a low level. Unfortunately, this drug can cause a decrease in cholesterol levels in the body. If you are still using other aromatic steroids, the effect will be more serious. Although selective estrogen modulators are not as effective, they are sufficient for most male users. Although it does not directly inhibit arylation, it can bind to the estrogen receptor so the estrogen itself cannot bind. Secondly, because it can improve the metabolism of estrogen in the liver, it can also increase cholesterol levels. Selective estrogen modulators should be your first choice, if Boldenone Cypionate raw powders can have a good effect on your body.

The test results of Boldenone Cypionate

Product name

Boldenone Cypionate

Water Content



Specific Rotation



Residue on Ignition







off-yellow thickness liquid



Almost insoluble in water, soluble in vegetable oil


Specific optical rotation






Heavy Metals


< 10PPm




Related substances


< 3.0%

Free Acid



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