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Nolvadex 10mg Tablets

Nolvadex 10mg Tablets

Name:Nolvadex 10mg
other name:Tamoxifen Citrate 10mg tables
Presentation:10mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Supply ability:100000/month
Manufactured by:HEPIUS
Certificate: COA, HPLC

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Nolvadex 10mg Tablets pharmacological effects

Nolvadex 10mg is a non-steroidal anti-estrogen. In vivo, "Novadex" mainly exerts its anti-estrogenic effect, possibly by binding to estrogen receptors and inhibiting endogenous estrogen. However, clinical results show some benefit in estrogen receptor-negative tumors, suggesting that it may have other mechanisms of action.

NameNolvadex 10mg
Composition each tablet containsTamoxifen Citrate 10mg tables
Presentation10mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Supply ability100000/month
Manufactured byHEPIUS
StorageKeep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze
Min order quantity5vials
PackingAs your require
payment MethodBank Transfer Bitcion
GradePharmaceutical Grade
UsagePharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

Tamoxifen also exhibits estrogen-like effects on several body systems such as the endometrium, bone and blood lipids.

After oral administration, tamoxifen is rapidly absorbed, reaching peak serum concentrations within four to seven hours, and steady-state plasma concentrations (about 300 ng/ml) after four weeks at a daily dose of 40 mg. The drug is highly bound to serum proteins (>99% binding). Metabolic effects include: hydroxylation, demethylation and coupling, and the pharmacological properties of several metabolites produced are similar to those of the original compound, so they are also curative. The excretion process is mainly through the feces, and the elimination half-life of the drug is about seven days based on the original drug, but fourteen days based on the main circulating metabolite N-desmethyltamoxifen.


For the treatment of breast cancer.

Usage and Dosage

Adults (including the elderly): The daily dose is 20-40 mg once or twice daily.


Novadex is contraindicated during pregnancy. Spontaneous miscarriage, birth defects and fetal death have been reported in a small number of women taking Novadex, but a causal relationship has not been established.

No teratogenic effects were shown in reproductive toxicology studies in mice, rabbits and monkeys.

In rodent models of reproductive tract development, the effects of tamoxifen were similar to those of estradiol, ethinyl estradiol, clomiphene, and diethylstilbestrol (DES). Although the clinical relevance of these effects is unknown, some of them, especially vaginal adenopathy, are similar to changes in younger women exposed to DES in utero, who are at risk of developing vaginal or cervical clear cell carcinoma 1/1000. Only a small number of pregnant women have been exposed to tamoxifen. However, there have been no reports of vaginal adenopathy or clear cell carcinoma of the vagina or cervix in young women exposed to tamoxifen in utero.

Women of reproductive age should be informed that they should not become pregnant while taking Novadex and that they should use contraceptives or other non-hormonal contraceptive methods while in a married life.

Premenopausal women should be carefully examined before treatment to rule out conception. If conception occurs while taking NOVATEX or within 2 months after discontinuation, the potential hazard to the fetus should be evaluated.


Some premenopausal women experience suppression of menstruation when they are treated with Novartis for breast cancer.

If Novadex and coumarin anticoagulants are used in combination, their anticoagulant effect can be significantly increased, so patients who use both should be carefully observed.

There is an increased risk of thromboembolism when Novadex is co-administered with cytotoxic drugs. Endometrial changes, including increased incidence of endometrial hyperplasia, polyps, and cancer, have been reported with Novartis treatment. The increased incidence and types suggest that the mechanism is related to the estrogenic properties of Novades. Abnormal vaginal bleeding should be investigated as soon as possible in patients who are or have been treated with Novartis.

Tamoxifen was not mutagenic in a series of in vitro and in vivo mutagenicity assays. In rodent in vivo and in vitro genotoxicity tests, some have shown that tamoxifen is genotoxic. In long-term experiments, mouse gonad tumors and rat liver tumors have been found, but their clinical significance has not yet been established.

In follow-up clinical trials of tamoxifen in breast cancer, multiple double cancers have been reported in the non-endometrial and non-contralateral breasts. Its causal relationship has not been established, and its clinical significance is unclear. Breastfeeding: It has not been determined whether Novadex is excreted in human milk, so it should not be taken during breastfeeding. However, when deciding whether to stop breastfeeding or discontinue Novadex, the importance of Novadex to the mother's treatment should be considered.

drug overdose

Theoretically, overdose should enhance the anti-estrogenic side effects mentioned above, and animal experiments have shown that extreme overdose (100 to 200 times the normal daily dose) produces estrogen-like effects. There is no specific antidote, and treatment is symptomatic.


Store below 30°C, protected from light.

nolvadex 10

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