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Letrazole 2.5mg Tablets

Letrazole 2.5mg Tablets

Name:Letrazole 2.5mg
Presentation:2.5mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Manufactured by:HEPIUS
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Certificate: COA, HPLC

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Product Details

Product Specifications:

Product Specifications: Letrazole 2.5mg Tablets

Dosage: The recommended dose of this product is 2.5 mg once a day.

Indications for letrozole

1. Letrozole is used in the treatment of postmenopausal advanced breast cancer (estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor positive or unknown receptor status), letrozole is mostly used for second-line treatment after the failure of anti-estrogen therapy;

2. Letrozole is used for the first-line treatment of locally advanced or spread postmenopausal breast cancer (foreign data);

3. Letrozole is used for extended adjuvant therapy of postmenopausal breast cancer patients who have received standard adjuvant therapy of tamoxifen for 5 years (Lerozole foreign data);

4. Letrozole is used for postoperative adjuvant therapy of hormone-positive early breast cancer patients.

NameLetrazole 2.5mg
Composition each tablet containsLetrazole 2.5mg tables
Presentation2.5mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Supply ability100000/month
Manufactured byHEPIUS
StorageKeep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze
Min order quantity5vials
PackingAs your require
payment MethodBank Transfer Bitcion
GradePharmaceutical Grade
UsagePharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

Product Name: Letrozole Tablets

Main raw materials: The main ingredient of this product is: letrozole, its chemical name is: 1-[bis(4-cyanophenyl)methyl]-1,2,4-triazole. Molecular formula: C17H11N5. Molecular weight: 285.31.

Letrozole, also known as Fury, is a white or off-white powder chemical. Chemical name 1-[bis(4-cyanophenyl)methyl]-1,2,4-triazole; 4,4'-(1 H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylidene Methyl)-bisbenzonitrile, molecular formula is C17H11N5, molecular weight is 285.31. It is a new generation of aromatase inhibitor, which is a synthetic benzyltriazole derivative. Letrozole reduces the level of estrogen by inhibiting aromatase, thereby eliminating the stimulating effect of estrogen on tumor growth. Endocrine therapy for breast cancer.

Main role: adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal women with early breast cancer who are positive for estrogen or progesterone receptors. Adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal women with early breast cancer who have received adjuvant tamoxifen for 5 years and are estrogen or progesterone receptor positive. Treatment of postmenopausal, estrogen receptor-positive, progesterone-receptor-positive, or undetermined advanced breast cancer patients, who should be in natural or artificially induced menopause.

letrazole 2.5

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