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Anavar 50mg Tablets

Anavar 50mg Tablets

Name:anavar 50mg
Manufactured by:HEPIUS
Presentation:50mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Certificate: COA, HPLC

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Anavar 50mg Increases Performance

Oxandrolone is now well suited for your off-season mass gains, this mild oral steroid does provide a performance enhancing edge. Through its anabolic properties, it enhances your body’s natural process that repairs your muscle fibers during intense workouts. It also promotes the regeneration of your muscle tissue.

Nameanavar 50mg
Composition each tablet containsanavar 50mg tables
Presentation50mg tablets, 100 tablet bottle
Supply ability100000/month
Manufactured byHEPIUS
StorageKeep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze
Min order quantity5vials
PackingAs your require
payment MethodBank Transfer Bitcion
GradePharmaceutical Grade
UsagePharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.

Var also promotes the number of red blood cells in your system. This maximizes post-workout recovery whilst enhancing endurance. By using this DHT derived steroid, you can recover from workouts faster and stronger.

What’s more, Anavar tablets have been shown to provide the drive and aggression needed for you to train harder and more frequently. This is the main reason why it’s highly appreciated by athletes in the UK who are always striving to improve their performances.

Increased Strength

Anavar helps increase your strength by creating and promoting the anabolic atmosphere required by your body’s muscle cells. It also has a positive effect on your red blood cells production, muscular endurance, and recovery and rejuvenation abilities.

All of which are important factors when you undertake regular, intense exercises. The increases in recovery and endurance along with your enhanced athletic performance will simply increase your strength. Regardless of the purpose of use, when you use Var you will find your strength is greatly improved.


Though it’s an anabolic steroid, Anavar can help you lose body fat. It’s one of the few anabolic steroids that directly promote fat-burning in your body.

This is achieved by enhancing your metabolism and promoting lipolysis. But of course, it must be combined with the right bodybuilding exercise routine and diet in order for you to see results.

Preservation of Lean Muscle

Perhaps the main benefit of Pro Chem Labs Anavar is the ability for you to preserve lean muscle. It helps you to train harder, lose more calories and burn subcutaneous fat while preserving lean muscle and increasing strength.

This makes it easy for you to achieve the ripped, toned and vascular look. Because of this outstanding ability, it is one of the best cutting steroids that you can use. When you use Var during the cutting phase you will find it useful in preserving your lean muscle tissue.

If you want to burn more calories for a more defined look, it will allow you to shed body fat. Optimally you will still be able to maintain as much lean muscle as possible during caloric deficit.

anavar 50


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