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Will The Transportation Have An Impact On Christmas?
- Dec 20, 2021-

For the Christmas, New Year’s Day and New Year’s holidays at the end of the year, the shipping time limit is at least half a month long. It is clear that the time limit of our company is stable within 10-15 days. 25-40 days, I hope you will understand and support you dear sellers and buyers! Because this is not controlled by our international logistics company, the transportation time limit from December 1st to January 8th cannot be determined:

1. All goods can only be sent to the border and wait for the switch to transit. Such a switch will also affect the time limit because it will block the customs.

2. Goods that have left the country will be backlogged in the foreign sorting center waiting for transshipment and delivery abroad

3. The goods that have arrived will be backlogged in the foreign destination delivery warehouse, waiting for the holiday to contact the customer for delivery

4. After the goods arrive, the recipient cannot be contacted, and the recipient will have to wait until after the festival to report the abnormality

5. After the winter, the time limit for northern cities in China will be delayed due to the weather

The above points will seriously affect the delivery time. In order not to affect the seller’s loss, please contact the buyer in time to explain the delay. It is recommended to choose air transportation after the winter, so that the time can be minimized. Generally, it is winter and land transportation. The time limit for signing will be 35-60 days, and the time limit for air transportation will be 20-30 days.


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