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Why Is Clenbuterol Hard To Find The Real Thing In The Market?
- Apr 19, 2019-

From May 2018 to the present, clebuterol has been out of stock in the Chinese market, and many customers find it difficult to find high-quality, high-purity clenbuterol raw material powder.

Why does this happen? There are two reasons for this:

First, because the processing raw materials of clenbuterol are scarce, the purification of the factory is very difficult, which makes it difficult to process the raw material powder.

Second, the China Environmental Protection Agency has strengthened the supervision of raw material processing in chemical plants, which has restricted the production of the factory to a certain extent, resulting in the closure of many chemical raw material plants, so the raw material processing companies of clenbuterol can not produce products.

clen -40mcg

At present, our company only has clenbuterol tablets, the specification is 40mcg. If you need our products, please contact me.



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