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Why Do Bodybuilders Use Hgh?
- Sep 23, 2021 -

The purpose of bodybuilders using hgh is to: increase muscle texture and strength, reduce fat, expand the effect of steroids, and stably increase high-quality muscles.

Growth hormone can participate in various metabolisms, promote the growth of human tissues, promote cell division and renewal, promote protein synthesis, increase fat tissue oxidation, and have the effect of keeping people young and improving athletic ability. Therefore, growth hormone is also used in medical treatment. It is widely used in sports competitions and beauty industry.

The main effects of growth hormone on bodybuilders are:

1. Fat-reducing effect

Growth hormone can increase the oxidation of adipose tissue. The result is that fat is broken down into sugar and then the sugar is consumed by maintaining metabolism and exercise.

2. Promote the role of protein contracting

Growth hormone has the same protein assimilation effect as steroids, but the assimilation effect is weaker than steroids, so the effect of increasing dimension is not as good as steroids. The principle is to bind protein into muscle cells to repair muscle tissues and bring water and glycogen into muscle cells to increase muscle cells and increase leanness. weight.

3. Increase muscle stiffness, angularity, density and quality

Growth hormone can increase the split of muscle fibers. One muscle fiber can split into two muscle fibers. When the number of muscle fibers increases, the quality, water chestnut, density and hardness of the muscle will increase.

4. Anti-decomposition effect

Because growth hormone can accelerate the division and renewal of muscle tissue, it can efficiently convert and utilize amino acids during the renewal process. Therefore, growth hormone has the strongest anti-decomposition effect and muscle growth hormone among the four major hormones.

5. Expand the effect of steroids

The muscle building principle of steroids is to trap protein into muscle cells to repair muscle cells to increase muscle cell thickness, while growth hormone can increase muscle fibers. The more muscle fibers that can be thickened, the larger the muscle (a sufficient amount of growth hormone can Double the effect of steroids). In addition, the strong anti-decomposition effect of growth hormone + the strong synthesis effect of steroids = muscles will only synthesize but not decompose.

In general, the side effects of growth hormone are still very small. After all, they are only peptide hormones composed of amino acids.



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