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Why Are Steroids Favored By Bodybuilders?
- Jul 23, 2021 -

It’s also a year of fitness, some people just have more muscle lines, and some people seem to be reborn. For those who have changed a lot before and after, it is likely to be considered to have used "drugs."

Most commonly referred to as "drugs" refer to steroids, which have the effect of accelerating protein synthesis and reducing fat accumulation. In layman's terms, you can gain less or no fat while gaining muscle, and maintain a low body fat rate for a long time. So, steroids are so amazing that when people see a big guy, do they say that the other person uses steroids? Here is a real example.

Jo Lindner is from Germany. In the early years, he liked to play mountain biking. Later, he wanted to take his skills to the next level and started strength training. Who knows that after getting into fitness, Jo Lindner was out of control, stopped riding a bike, and concentrated on training his muscles. By 2012, Jo Lindner had increased his weight to 90kg, but he felt that his body fat rate was still a bit high and decided to use steroids to lower body fat. After Jo Lindner has used steroids for 1 to 2 years, his body fat rate has not only decreased, but he has also become bigger.


Many people have been exercising but the effect is not obvious, wasting time. We recommend using some steroids to enhance the effect.

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