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When The Epidemic Is Severe, How Can Foreign Countries Respond To Christmas?
- Dec 25, 2020-

The epidemic is still continuing. In order to welcome Christmas, most countries and regions have further strengthened epidemic prevention measures, and some countries have also adopted humane and appropriate relaxation policies:

Due to the rebound of the epidemic, the British government, in accordance with the new epidemic prevention regulations, requires people in London and southeast England to stay at home, except for necessary reasons such as work; people are not allowed to gather during the Christmas holiday and can only socialize one-on-one in the outdoors. In areas where the level of epidemic prevention in England has not been upgraded to level 4, up to 3 family gatherings are allowed during Christmas. I believe that in the midst of adversity, we can better appreciate the precious moments of this gathering. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, "This is the toughest Christmas our city has faced since World War II."

This year’s Christmas event is also quite "epidemic." In a shopping mall in Brasilia, Brazil, the role of Santa Claus interacts with people in the "crystal ball" to reduce contact and reduce the risk of infection. After the "closing of the city" in London, England, although there are still people shopping for Christmas in the market on Queen's Road in London, the distance between people is more than 2 meters.

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas, safe and healthy!


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