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What Role Does Peptide Play in Our Body?
- Jul 16, 2021-

We all know that amino acids are the substances that make up polypeptides. Therefore, in addition to the nutritional effects of general proteins, polypeptides also have many other functions and effects, such as very important to irreplaceable regulatory effects, and the scope of this effect can spread throughout people. Of all physiological activities.

1. Peptides are involved in the human body’s hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction. Its importance lies in regulating the physiological functions of various systems and cells in the body, activating related enzymes in the body, promoting the permeability of the intermediate metabolic membrane, or by controlling DNA Transcribe or affect specific protein synthesis, and ultimately produce specific physiological effects.

2. Peptides are important substances involved in a variety of cell functions in the human body. Peptides can synthesize cells and regulate the functional activities of cells. Peptides act as neurotransmitters in the human body to transmit information. Peptides can be used as a means of transportation in the human body to transport various nutrients, vitamins, biotin, calcium and trace elements beneficial to the human body to the cells, organs and tissues of the human body. 3. Peptide is an important physiological regulator of the human body. It can comprehensively regulate the physiological functions of the human body and enhance and exert the physiological activities of the human body. It has important biological functions. Peptides are too important for human cell activity, functional activity, and life existence. However, modern people have lost or lost peptides in the human body due to various factors, and their ability to synthesize peptides has been greatly reduced. Therefore, modern human bodies lack peptides and must supplement artificial synthetic peptides. Supplementing peptides means supplementing activity, supplementing peptides means supplementing vitality, and supplementing peptides is Replenish life.


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