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What Role Do Masks Play In The Epidemic?
- Apr 24, 2020 -

Masks play a very important protective role in the epidemic, mainly to protect the respiratory tract, which can prevent the spread of respiratory droplets, reduce the invasion of viruses or bacteria, prevent infection, and at the same time prevent the invasion of harmful substances and reduce cross The chance of infection.

In the epidemic, the correct choice of masks and the use of masks, the choice of surgical masks or n95 masks, such as disposable cotton masks, disposable paper masks, and anti-fog masks are not recommended to wear, because their tightness is not Well, it can't prevent viruses and bacteria well, but it can't prevent it.

At the same time, wearing a mask can not continuously use a mask for a long time. It is generally recommended to replace it every four hours. Prolonged wearing may adsorb more viruses or bacteria on the surface of the mask and reduce the defense ability.



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