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What Is The Impact Of The Epidemic On Foreign Trade?
- Nov 20, 2020-

With the arrival of winter, the epidemic in many European countries has rebounded, and new cases have risen sharply every day. So what is the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade?

The new coronavirus epidemic has posed a lot of challenges to our foreign trade industry. How to deal with the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade objectively, rationally and properly is a test for every one of us in foreign trade.

On January 31, the WHO will declare the pneumonia outbreak of the new coronavirus infection as a public health emergency of international concern. Judging from the non-SEM traffic and inquiry data, foreign traffic and inquiry data provided by Made-in-China.com from January 1 to February 4, 2020, as well as the 117 sample data of foreign trade companies collected in the previous period, this announcement does It has not affected foreign buyers' perception of purchasing from China, and the impact of this announcement on traffic and inquiries is minimal. Therefore, from a macro perspective, you don't have to panic.


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