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What Is The Effect Of Jintropin Hgh? How To Inject?
- Apr 09, 2021-

This product is human growth hormone produced by genetically engineered mammalian cells, which can promote bone growth and increase myocardial contractility; promote protein synthesis and increase nitrogen storage in the body; increase fat oxidation and decomposition and gluconeogenesis; increase nutrient conversion rate ; Regulate the immune system and enhance immune defense capabilities.

Intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injection, the dosage depends on the condition. Short stature: 0.6 to 0.8IU/kg per week, subcutaneous injection. Turner's syndrome: 1.0IU/kg per week or 28IU per square meter of body surface, subcutaneous injection. Growth disorders caused by chronic renal insufficiency in children: 1.0IU/kg per week or 30IU per square meter of body surface, subcutaneous injection. Negative nitrogen balance: 4~8IU daily for 7 days, subcutaneous injection. Burns: 0.3-0.6IU per day, medication for 4 weeks, subcutaneous injection. Sepsis: 0.3IU/kg daily. Adult growth hormone deficiency: 0.25IU/kg per week, medication for 2-6 months.

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