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What Is The Effect Of Hgh On The Growth Of Children?
- May 31, 2021 -

Attention should be paid to developing children. The growth and development of children is very important for HGH. HGH can induce important growth factors such as IGF-1 and IGF-2, and has a key influence on the development of physical fitness and intelligence. Due to the advanced industrial and commercial environment, families have to work with both parents, and children are less able to take care of their diets by their mothers. Children’s petty cash is often squandered on so-called junk, high-fat foods or high-sugar beverages. Since sugars and fats are one of the inhibitory factors of HGH secretion, parents or school teachers should pay special attention to this matter; after eating starchy foods, blood sugar levels rise 30 minutes later, and insulin secretion is also strong. After an hour and a half, the blood will return to its normal value. When the blood sugar level is low, it is also the time when HGH is secreted and exerted in large quantities. And when the fat content in food is more than 40%, the secretion of HGH will also be affected. Therefore, regular consumption of sweet beverages will inhibit the secretion of HGH, especially after exercise and within an hour and a half before going to bed, it is best not to eat starchy and oily things and sugary beverages! Based on the relationship between children's development, HGH is the main plateau The protein and amino acids in the food must be fully supplemented. Fish, beans, eggs, etc. must be especially eaten. At the same time, there must be appropriate exercise. Running and swimming are all beneficial. In addition, adequate sleep and adequate water supplementation will greatly benefit physical and mental development!

The most natural way to lose weight is really initiated by yourself: only in the presence of HGH, can the existing fat tissue be broken down and burned away, so that the spirit will be rejuvenated and refreshed! Only don't eat too much sweets. , Because sugar will trigger the secretion of insulin, insulin will oppose HGH and offset the decomposition of adipose tissue!


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