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What Is The Correct Fitness Sequence For The Gym?
- Aug 16, 2019 -

veryone knows that we have a lot of attention when we are in the gym, such as the fitness sequence, and the correct order of fitness is very important, because the correct order is beneficial to people, then the correct order of gym fitness, I believe there are still many People know. So, what is the correct fitness sequence for the gym? Don't do it wrong.

1. Warm-up is the premise

Speaking of the correct fitness sequence in the gym, it is a very necessary step to warm up before exercise. Warm-up exercise can gradually adapt the body to the state of exercise, and avoid accidents such as cramps or sprains during exercise. It is recommended that you start with a 10-hour warm-up exercise with an aerobic fitness equipment or a jogger for 15 minutes, which is very good.

2. Strength exercises are going on

For those who need to gain muscle or lose weight, they need to exercise strength after warming up. They can use their own daily exercise equipment to focus on 30~45 minutes of strength training on a certain muscle of the body. It can play a role in weight loss and muscle growth, and can be effective in the case of strong targeting.

3. Stretching and relaxing

In the correct fitness sequence of the gym, stretching and relaxation is a necessary step after exercise. After performing targeted strength training, the exerciser also needs aerobic exercise equipment for 10~15 minutes of aerobic exercise. Relaxing your muscles can prevent problems such as muscle soreness afterwards.

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