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What Is Boldenone? What's The Effect?
- Jul 30, 2021 -

Boldenone is a steroid derived from testosterone. It was originally a veterinary drug. In the 1970s and 1980s, the medical Bordenone was successful in the human market. The aromatic content of Bordenone is only 50% of testosterone. The effect of estrogen is small and can be increased. More clean muscle dimensions, the drug peaks in the body within 3-4 days of injection, and slowly releases in the next 21 days. The biggest difference between Dicatola Baolin and Badenone is that Nandrolone has the characteristics of progesterone. Baodanone does not take. It is used medically to treat muscle loss and osteoporosis. Increase lean body mass in non-seasons, increase strength, increase appetite, maximize muscle retention during seasons, prominent blood vessels and firm muscles-simple and clear.


It can improve the efficiency of protein synthesis, which means better utilization of protein is conducive to the growth of muscle dimensions.

It can increase the nitrogen retention rate, which indicates that muscles are less likely to be lost, so that the body is in a positive nitrogen environment and an anabolic environment is stable.

It can increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, which shows that more oxygen in the blood is beneficial to muscles to improve endurance and muscle recovery.

It can increase the growth of insulin growth factor, which is a powerful anabolic product. The anabolic function improves and stimulates muscle recovery, which can affect cells.

It can inhibit the cortisol hormone, which destroys muscles while storing fat and breaking down muscles.

Boldenoe Undecylenate

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