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What Happens To Your Muscles After You Stop Using Steroids?
- Aug 30, 2021-

Bodybuilding is a sport that Yixiang constantly challenges itself. It not only pursues the maximization of muscle dimensions, but also maintains the overall beauty and separation of muscles! Therefore, many professional bodybuilders use steroids as a supplement in order to achieve better results, and they have indeed benefited a lot!

In fact, there is no fixed value, but often those bodybuilders who use large doses have the most obvious muscle changes after they stop using steroids.

Of course, it does not mean that it will fall out, but it will definitely return to within the limit of natural fitness in a short time.

But what is strange is that many fitness enthusiasts who use small doses, such as the German muscle man Lindner, can still maintain the original circumference after training after he is free from steroid use. This is really incredible.

Of course, there are also women who use steroids to train their strength. This powerlifting woman named Gracie gave up steroid use for her husband and children. Although her appearance has recovered, her muscles seem to have not lost much!

Based on the above, it can be found that the more high-dose steroid users exceed the limit of natural fitness, the greater the muscle changes after stopping use; while those small-dose users can barely maintain the same year after they resume fitness and diet. only.


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