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What Happens To Your Body When You Take Steroids?
- Jul 02, 2021 -

In the United States, more than three million people use steroids, and people have a strong desire to gain muscle. But what happens to your body when you take steroids? Do these drugs pose a very high risk?

Whenever you exercise heavy weight in the gym, your muscles will be injured, but the body repairs muscle fibers by forming new muscle protein chains. Over time, the thickness and number of these strands will increase. Eventually, if muscle protein synthesis is greater than muscle protein breakdown, your muscles will increase. The degree of growth is mainly regulated by testosterone, which can increase protein synthesis. Generally speaking, men have greater muscle mass than women because of their higher testosterone levels.

Steroids are testosterone compounds with a specific 4-carbon ring structure, so steroids are actually some chemicals that can be used to treat fever and headaches and even sex hormones such as high estrogen or low testosterone.

Steroids can also prevent the differentiation of adipose stem cells and reduce body fat. Your muscle size and strength increase rapidly, while also protecting muscle fibers from damage, making steroids suitable for exercise tolerance and recovery.


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