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What Effect Does Testosteron Have For Different People?
- Jul 09, 2021-

Testosterone is abbreviated as testosterone, and it plays a very powerful role. For men, it has the following functions:

1. Promote the puberty development of men. After development, maintain the functions of the male's first and second sexual characteristics;

2. It is very important for men's erectile function, maintenance of libido, reproduction and fertility;

3. In addition to these two, there is also a kind of overall physiological adjustment that is also very important to people, which can also improve men's physical strength and maintain physical strength.

The main aspects of increasing vitality of men are as follows:

1. Improve muscle and fat, make men stronger;

2. It can improve brain function;

3. It can help maintain the health of the heart. When you get older, you can strengthen your body, prevent osteoporosis, and maintain the balance of calcium metabolism.

For bodybuilders, testosterone can help them gain muscle and reduce fat, making their muscles stronger and healthier.


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