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What Are The Side Effects Of Hgh Injection?
- Jun 07, 2021 -

Many people are worried that there will be some side effects after hgh injection. HGH can cause transient hyperglycemia, which usually returns to normal with the prolongation of the medication or after stopping the medication.

In clinical trials, about 1% of children with short stature have side effects. The common symptoms of local transient reactions (pain, tingling, redness, etc.) and fluid retention (peripheral edema, arthralgia or myalgia) at the injection site are common. These side effects occur Earlier, but the incidence decreases with the time of medication, and it rarely affects daily activities.

Long-term injection of recombinant human growth hormone causes antibody production in a small number of patients, and the binding capacity of the antibody is low, which has no exact clinical significance. However, if the expected growth effect is not achieved, antibodies may be produced, and the binding capacity of the antibody exceeds 2 mg/L, which may affect the therapeutic effect.

That is to say, the side effects of HGH treatment are relatively mild, such as swelling and rash at the injection site (related to the purity of the product), and no irreversible side effects have been found in clinical treatment.

HGH is relatively safe at therapeutic doses.


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