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What Are The Effects Of Steroids?
- Nov 15, 2021-

The scientific name of steroids is (adrenocorticoid). Normal people’s adrenal glands secrete a certain amount of steroids every day to maintain normal physiological functions in the body, such as regulating the metabolism of blood sugar, protein, fat, and electrolytes. It is indispensable for maintaining life. Important hormones.

Steroids are clinically very good drugs. They can indeed be widely used to treat many intractable diseases, that is, special diseases, including: cancer, cerebral edema, chronic lung disease, rheumatism, asthma, premature infants with lung failure Maturity, skin diseases, shock, sepsis, and meningitis, etc., are almost disease-free and unusable; and it does relieve many symptoms and relieve symptoms temporarily, so it has won the name of (the elixir) Therefore, it is inevitable that some unscrupulous medical personnel abuse various diseases.

 One of the main reasons for the abuse of anabolic steroids today is that it can improve the level of some people in sports competitions. Among competitive bodybuilders, the rate of abuse of steroids is very high! The abuse of steroids in other sports is also widespread.

   One of the main reasons is that steroids can increase muscle circumference or reduce body fat. This mainly refers to people with behavioral syndromes. They have a very distorted understanding of their bodies. Men think that his physique is small, even if these men’s physiques are already developed enough; women think that their bodies are too fat, even if these women are already slender and attractive enough.


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