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What Are The Changes in The Body After Steroid Injection?
- Sep 06, 2021-

Steroid hormones have a small molecular mass and are fat-soluble. They can enter target cells through diffusion or carrier transport. After the hormone enters the cell, it first binds to the receptor in the cytoplasm to form a hormone-receptor complex. Under the appropriate temperature and the participation of Ca2+, it undergoes alteration to obtain the ability to penetrate the nuclear membrane. After the hormone enters the nucleus, it binds to the nuclear receptor to form a complex. This complex binds to the non-histone specific site of chromatin, initiates or inhibits the DNA transcription process at that site, and then promotes or inhibits the formation of mRNA, as a result, induces or reduces the synthesis of certain proteins (mainly enzymes). To achieve its biological effects. One hormone molecule can generate thousands of protein molecules, so as to realize the amplification function of hormone.


Hormone response during muscle activity During muscle activity, various hormones, especially hormone levels that mobilize energy supply, change to varying degrees, and affect the body's metabolic level and the functional level of various organs. Measure the content of certain hormones during exercise and during the recovery period after exercise, and compare with the rest value. The change is called the hormone response of exercise. Viru divides hormones into three types of response types according to how fast the plasma levels of various hormones change during exercise.

1. Quick response type: Hormone immediately after the start of exercise, this type of hormone in plasma will increase significantly, and reach a peak in a short time, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol and corticotropin.

2. Intermediate reactions: After the start of hormone exercise, these hormones in the plasma rise slowly and steadily, and reach a peak within a few minutes, such as aldosterone, thyroxine and vasopressin.

3. Slow response type: This type of hormone in the plasma does not change immediately after the start of the hormone exercise. It slowly rises when the exercise reaches 30 to 40 minutes, and reaches the peak at a later time, such as growth hormone and glucagon , Calcitonin and insulin.


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