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What Are Our Product Packaging?
- Jun 25, 2021-

 We now sell are steroid powder raw materials, various brand hgh, peptide products and finished injection tablets.

Different products have different packaging methods:

(1) Powder products: aluminum foil bag packaging; soy milk powder bag packaging.

Aluminum foil bag packaging is mainly suitable for some countries where there are many products, heavy weight and easy customs clearance.

Soymilk powder bags are mainly suitable for countries with strict customs inspections under 1kg.

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(2) hgh product: original product packaging; white box without label packaging.

hgh has different brands, jintroipin, kigtropin, hygetropin, rentropin, hegetropin, etc. Customers need different brands according to their requirements.

White box unlabeled hgh, we have high-quality, high-purity hgh, suitable for some customers to use or make their own brand customers.


(3) Peptide products: white box without label

We are all unbranded and unlabeled white box packaging for peptide products. This is mainly for the smooth passage of customs, so that customers can make their own brands and labels.


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