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The Impact Of The Epidemic On The Foreign Trade Industry? How To Respond?
- Mar 27, 2020-

The new coronavirus epidemic poses a great challenge to our foreign trade industry. How to deal with the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade objectively, rationally and properly, tests every one of us.

On January 31, the WHO will announce a new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic as a public health emergency of international concern. The announcement did not affect foreign buyers' perception of sourcing from China. The announcement had little impact on traffic and enquiries. Therefore, from a macro perspective, we do not have to panic.

 Among overseas customers who have purchased goods, 6% of them are worried about the virus in the goods, 35% of them expressed their wait-and-see, and 59% of them expressed their understanding and trust in us. According to in-depth analysis, 6% of these customers have certain characteristics, either they have been speaking very straightforward or rude, or there are some unpleasant cooperation or just starting to cooperate.

Of course, we must also see certain difficulties. We are facing a shortage of supplies. The factory will not start. After the start of the project, because the production tasks are full, the cost is expected to rise, and there may be cases where the goods may not be available. And because of the impact of policies, it will face a prolonged customs clearance cycle.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, we have various problems, but we always insist on providing customers with satisfactory products and services. So if you have any needs please contact us.

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