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Steroids Can Make Muscles More Healthy?
- Sep 14, 2021 -

Many bodybuilders who participate in the competition have to compete with other people who have used solids for a long time. In many cases, the only way to maintain evenly matched size and muscle mass is to use steroids, whether legal or illegal. We don't want to give the next conclusion on the use of steroids, but we will give some relevant facts and information.

 Steroids are a large class of compounds contained in all animals. The steroids used by athletes are mainly androgenic steroids: steroids that work similarly to testosterone. Steroids used to treat inflammation (for example, hydroprednisolone, cortisone, etc.) belong to corticosteroids and do not have anabolic effects. Naturally secreted testosterone and its metabolites, such as dihydrotestosterone, act on many parts of the body to form male secondary sexual characteristics: baldness, beard and body hair, deep voice, enlarged muscles, thickened skin, and mature genitals . During puberty, it can cause acne, accelerated growth, enlargement of the penis and testicles, and it can also promote height to the limit. The secretion of testosterone in adult men is 4 to 9 mg per day. It has a certain effect on the maintenance of sexual organs, but this only requires a very low concentration.

People have developed many similar substances, which have stronger anabolic effects than testosterone. These include the famous stanozolol, nandrolone, ethyloestrenol, and oxymetholone (oxymetholone), among others. They all have essentially the same effects as testosterone, including enhancing muscle synthesis triggered by training, as well as increasing aggression and/or libido. Anabolic steroids can completely stop the secretion of natural testosterone in the testes, and may reduce or completely stop sperm production. When you no longer use artificial male hormones, this effect will not be reversed.


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