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So Many Years How To Ensure That Our Company's Product Quality?
- Jul 28, 2017-

(1) First, from small things to start, do the details, grasp the quality. In the production process of the process requirements and quality standards strictly, strictly enforce the production of quality management concepts, and establish a production management independent of the quality assurance system.

(2)Second, each link has a detailed quality management standards. From product design, process flow to the workshop production, and then to the transport and sale, have developed a detailed, controllable management standards.


(3)Third, the customer is the best quality improvement. Customers are the users of the product, the quality of the product the most say, in the face of customer feedback, we actively carry out investigation and rectification, which not only improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also through a second improvement The company is moving in the right direction.

(4)Quality management is not the eternal answer, only the eternal problem, quality management is to continue to solve the problem in the process of gradually standardized. "Caring to the people, intentions home" is the core concept of Fuxiang Wood, because with the vast number of consumers Thanksgiving and trust, enterprises can become increasingly competitive in today's still maintained a rapid development momentum.

Product positioning to the product in the future potential customers in the minds of the location. The focus is on the future of potential customers under the wisdom of the staff, for this purpose from the product features, packaging, services and other aspects of research, and take into account the situation of competitors.

The positioning and implementation of product positioning to market positioning as the basis, subject to market positioning guidance, but more popular than the market positioning. Specifically, is to target the customer's mind for the product to create a certain feature, given a certain image to meet the needs of customers and preferences.


In the current market, there are a lot of people on product positioning and market positioning indiscriminate, that the two are the same concept, in fact, there are some differences between the two, specifically, the target market positioning (referred to as market positioning), is Refers to the enterprise to the target consumer or target consumer market choice; and product positioning, refers to the enterprise to what kind of products to meet the target consumer or target consumer market demand. In theory, we should first market positioning, and then only product positioning. Product positioning is the choice of the target market and the combination of enterprise products, that is, the market positioning of enterprise, product of the work.


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