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How To Receive Visiting Customers?
- Nov 24, 2017-

Everyone generally attaches great importance to foreign clients' visits. In fact, the reception is also very skilled. More attention to detail will leave a very good impression on the guests for the future to add more than a successful grasp of cooperation.


First let's talk about the general reception:

When guests come to the company, we take him to the conference room or seating inside the hall, may wish to ask: Can I bring you something to drink? (Do you want to drink something?) Or simply: coffee or tea? ( Coffee or tea?) In general, many of our guests are busy with their schedules in China, they have a hasty breakfast, and some restaurants have no coffee in the morning, which is very hard for them. (As much as we get to work without brushing our teeth in the morning) If you can get a cup of coffee before you formally talk about business, it will not only help you refresh, but they will feel very happy. Of course, not many foreigners like instant coffee, just as we are not a lot of tea lovers. If it is water, bottled mineral water is the best. (Foreigners advocate health more powerful than us)


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