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How To Receive Foreign Customers? --- Customer Preparation Before The Visit
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Once confirmed that customers visit, our business staff must be careful and meticulous preparation, for the purpose of visiting customers, we must be based on the company's processes and systems to make targeted arrangements:

1, understand the customer

For visiting customers, we do not need deep understanding of customers. But for the new customer visit, we must be careful, we must learn more about the actual situation of customers and the true intention of visiting.


2, invitation and related immigration procedures

After the customer confirms the visit, the business staff must communicate with the client in detail to know whether the client needs our company to make a visiting invitation so that the customer can successfully handle the VISA card.


3, the customer's itinerary

After confirming the customer visit, the business staff should fully understand the customer's visit schedule, customers usually do not just visit our company and enter China.


4, flight, car, hotel, accommodation and other information to confirm.


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