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How To Inject Hgh Correctly? What Are The Precautions?
- Mar 17, 2021 -

when mixing your HGH into a solution there are 2 types of water that can be used, sterile or bacteriostatic. Sterile water is usually sent with the HGH kits and is meant to be used within a 48 hour period. Bacteriostatic water has a small amount of acid in it which allows the HGH to be kept for a longer period of time. Simply put, the acid keeps the bond between the molecules more stable. The sterile water only will cause the bonds to weaken very quickly and become unstable.


Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection has the same effect of administration. Subcutaneous injection usually brings higher serum HGH concentration than intramuscular injection, but the concentration of IGF-1 produced is the same. The absorption of HGH is usually slow. The plasma HGH concentration usually reaches a peak 3-5 hours after administration, and the elimination half-life is generally 2-3 hours. HGH is cleared by the liver and kidneys, and adults are faster than children. Metabolized HGH is extremely small.


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