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How To Increase Muscle Weight?
- Aug 02, 2019-

Many people are always worried about their weight. Some hope that they can be lighter, others are thin, look too thin, want to gain weight gain, so that people will be more sunny and healthier.

How to increase muscle weight? The first thing to be clear is that simply eating more will only increase fat, and exercise + reasonable diet is the key to gaining weight. The following are specific ways to gain weight gain:

1. High-intensity anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise refers to strength training. Strength training can destroy muscle fibers and make them grow again, thus becoming more fat. Anaerobic exercise is generally more tired, it is more difficult to adhere to, so, 2 to 3 times of strength training every week, each time more than 1 hour, the effect will be better.


2. Regular aerobic exercise

If you do anaerobic exercise blindly, people will get tired quickly. On the second day after anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise can be performed to increase lung capacity and accelerate blood circulation. Aerobic exercise can enhance physical fitness and enable people to train for longer periods of time.

Daily exercise plus hgh, you will have perfect body after 2 months.



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