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How To Choose A Combination Of Testosterone Steroids And Testosterone Enanthate? What Is The Difference Between The Two?
- Mar 18, 2022 -

The main difference between the two is the length of the ester chain.

As a testosterone compound with a longer ester chain, mixed testosterone takes longer to reach its peak blood concentration, but the advantage of this is that the frequency of injections can be reduced a lot. On the other hand, the frequency of testosterone enanthate injections may be 1-3 times a week because of its shorter ester chain and faster onset.

When you do a 10-12 week cycle, testosterone enanthate is an ideal steroid because it is easier for an athlete to determine and manage his testosterone levels. The mixed testosterone is more difficult to control than testosterone enanthate, but its effect will be better reflected in the longer cycle.

However, when it comes to anti-estrogenic aspects, it is believed that the use of testosterone enanthate is easier to control than mixed testosterone. This is because testosterone levels increase slowly when using testosterone enanthate, which also means that side effects will not appear early.

How to choose between mixed testosterone and testosterone enanthate depends on your cycle length and past experience. Different people have different reactions to testosterone compounds with different ester chains. For those who are initially using steroids, it is recommended to use them alternately in different cycles. For example, this CYCLE uses mixed testosterone, and the next CYCLE uses testosterone enanthate.

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