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How Is The Steroid Market in China?
- Feb 18, 2022 -

In simple terms, steroids are a general term for a class of anabolic drugs that can help skeletal muscle repair and growth. The intake methods of such drugs include intramuscular injection, oral administration, and smearing.

Regarding the use of steroids, the method of oral administration and intramuscular injection is generally adopted. The duration of 1 month to 3 months is used as a cycle, and the dosage is gradually increased. After reaching the peak, the dosage is maintained for a period of time and then gradually reduced. Finally, stop the drug to recover (or use a drug to help recovery), and the process can be repeated after a period of time (normally 1 or 2 cycles in a year). So use a cycle of steroids for short to do c. In order to prevent steroids from making muscles grow and produce strong side effects, in the process of c, in addition to using a variety of different steroid drugs, drugs that protect organs and joints are usually used.

Current status of steroid use in gyms in China:

The popularity of steroids among ordinary enthusiasts in various gyms in China, the dosage and purchase channels vary according to different regions, and it is still relatively rare for non-professional bodybuilders to use steroids.

Most fitness enthusiasts in China are office workers. Busy work and less training time make most fitness enthusiasts not fully aware of steroids or even the motivation to use steroids, and even many people do not even fully understand conventional supplements.

Secondly, China's fitness culture started late, so the fitness age of active gym enthusiasts is generally not long (less than 5 years). The shorter fitness age also makes the use of steroids less necessary.

Moreover, the aesthetics in traditional Chinese culture does not seek to shape the large body shape that steroids can bring to its users. Many people who have worked hard to cultivate a large body shape are often prejudiced in China, and Chinese people have misunderstandings about steroids. , very few people are willing to use steroids in such an atmosphere without making a living from bodybuilding.


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