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How Is Abdominal Muscle Exercise Most Effective?
- Nov 08, 2019 -

How to exercise abdominal muscles is a lot of exercise methods. Of course, the exercise effect of each method is also good. However, some people do not know what methods to exercise abdominal muscles. What are the exercise methods? I believe there are some people. Still. So, how does abdominal muscle exercise work most effectively? Let's take a look at how to exercise!

Sit back

The most classic abdominal muscle training action, its main role in the upper abdomen; the hands are placed in the back of the brain during exercise, the movement can not help the body to bend the neck during exercise, a total of 3 groups, each group 10 to 12 times A 30-second break is allowed between each group.

Supine leg lift

The supine leg lifts on the lower abdomen and the lower back. For beginners or those with weak waist strength, it is possible to bend the legs to do this to reduce the difficulty; it is worth noting that when the legs are hem Touch the ground. A total of 3 groups of 10 to 12 times are required, and a 30-second rest period is allowed between each group.


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