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How Does Testosterone Work in The Human Body After Injection?
- Sep 29, 2021 -

Testosterone can be taken orally, and after oral absorption, it passes through the liver first, and most of it is destroyed into less active substances. Therefore, the administration of testosterone is usually made into oil and injected into the muscle. The ester chains usually combined with testosterone are propionic acid, enanthic acid, undecanoic acid, cyclohexanoic acid and so on. These ester chains are combined with testosterone to make injections and use them for different effects. The testosterone combined with the ester chain is hydrolyzed and deesterified in the body. The chain comes into play. After testosterone enters the blood, most of it binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and the rest can bind to other binding globulins. Only about 2% exists in a free state, and only free testosterone has biological activity. Testosterone in the bound state and the free state can be converted into each other. Testosterone can be converted into more active dihydrotestosterone under the action of 5-α reductase in certain target cells. It can also be converted to estradiol under the action of aromatase.

The relationship between testosterone and fitness

Testosterone has a very high level and a very deep background. It can directly or indirectly act on skeletal muscle. It can affect the pituitary gland, the nervous system, and then the skeletal muscle, and even interact directly with the muscle itself.

It means that resistance training can make our brain produce related hormones. These hormones can stimulate the testicles to produce more testosterone. More testosterone can improve sports performance and increase muscle circumference, which can be better and better, which belongs to the positive cycle.

The relationship between testosterone and weight loss

Under normal circumstances, men’s testosterone levels are normal, but men’s lack of testosterone does lead to obesity.

Men are fatter, especially when the belly is larger, the body will convert part of the testosterone into estrogen, and then further limit the body's production of testosterone, which is equivalent to a vicious cycle of worsening testosterone, testosterone is broken into estrogen, but also limit the production of more Testosterone.

Therefore, boys who are too fat generally need to lose weight.


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