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How Do Bodybuilders Develop Their Big Muscles?
- Aug 16, 2021-

As the saying goes, “eat a good figure” daily training is essential for having a good figure, but adding fitness supplements while training will have twice the result with half the effort.

Muscle gain training is mainly aimed at the growth of muscle dimensions and content. When you already have a certain amount of muscle and look forward to having a larger muscle dimensional change, the following sports nutrition guidance can help you to obtain a larger dimensionality in the larger weight and longer inter-group muscle gain training muscle. High protein intake is the guarantee for muscle growth. The daily minimum protein intake to body weight ratio is not less than 1.6-2 grams of egg mass/kg.

Tonic mix:

Breakfast protein powder, testosterone booster + high protein snacks + nitrogen pump before training, creatine + branched chain amino acids during training + muscle gain powder after exercise + testosterone booster for dinner

In addition to a high-protein diet, amino acid supplements and testosterone are very important.

Strength endurance training

Strength endurance exercise includes both strength and physical endurance. Generally speaking, the training is very intense and intense. Therefore, in addition to the normal diet, we have to supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, but there are very few nutrients in our body. Let our body get adequate nutrition and better recovery.

This combination allows you to maintain a high degree of concentration during exercise, devote yourself to training, and to minimize muscle loss during exercise. Amino acids before going to bed can increase the body's anabolism level during sleep at night, and promote the secretion of growth hormone. A perfect diet with appropriate nutritional supplements is a necessary guarantee for increasing strength. As strength increases and muscle dimensions increase, endurance performance will also increase to achieve an increase in muscle dimensions and strength.

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