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Has Been Fitness But Can Not Practice Muscle, How Do?
- Jun 02, 2017-

Has been fitness but can not practice muscle, how do?

Has been fitness but can not practice muscle, how do? This problem is not only troubled by our amateur fitness enthusiasts, and professional fitness players have encountered bottlenecks.

Have seen a lot of professional bodybuilders for the answer to this question, most of the three reasons to come from: training, eating, rest.

First say that training, high-quality training is the necessary basis for muscle, how can be regarded as high-quality training?

Action standards is the premise, under the premise of the action standards, to increase the muscle must be large weight, multi-group, high density, peak contraction, centrifugal contraction, each group to exhaust, appropriate adjustment training program.

After each training muscles are almost sore ramen, to achieve the effect of adequate congestion.

And then the diet, the whole must ensure that the daily intake of energy is higher than the energy of expenditure in order to increase muscle, the daily diet ---- protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and so on are indispensable, especially To emphasize that the training is finished after the meal is very important, this window is the body to absorb the golden age of nutrition, must be in this window to ensure the intake of nutrients.

In fact, many health friends have been no effect of muscle, is the diet is relatively poor, eat a few proteins a day, how can this increase muscle? To know that even if not fitness, the normal adult daily intake of 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, if there is a certain strength of the strength of training, to 1.5-2g per kilogram, or even more, each egg plus egg yolk up to 6g protein , For the muscle to increase the muscle, but also a drop in the bucket, in order to increase the muscle will be in accordance with the 1.5-2g per kilogram to take protein. Of course, in addition to protein, other nutrients are also indispensable.

The last is a good rest, in order to increase muscle, must have a good schedule, high-quality training, the body needs a good rest and nutrition to recover, if you stay up all night, rest is not good, the body is not a good recovery, Time is very easy to fatigue, leading to the risk of injury, not to mention muscle.

To increase the muscle must be from the training, diet, rest three aspects, to do more with less.

If there is no effect on the basis of the above or you pursue higher, we recommend that you use some auxiliary drugs, such as steroids, testosterone, hgh and so on. They can make you faster to achieve your goal. If you need to please us.

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