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Happy Halloween!
- Nov 02, 2018-

Halloween is the common name of All Saints’ Day. It is a religious festival of Christianity and other Christian religions. It is November 1st. The Catholic Church has designated All Saints as the Mass Day. Every day, unless there are irresistible reasons, all believers will go to the church to attend the mass, remember all the saints who have passed away and ascended into heaven, especially those in Catholic history. Famous saint. Following the All Saints is the All Souls’ Day on November 2, which remembers the souls that have passed but have not yet entered the kingdom of heaven, and believers will pray that they will ascend to heaven as soon as possible.


The eve of Halloween comes from the ancient New Year's Day of Celtic. It is also the time to sacrifice the souls. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, we also worship the ancestral spirits and good spirits to pray for the winter. The night before (that is, Halloween Eve), children will wear costumes, put on masks, and collect candy from house to house.


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