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Factory To Resume Production, All Products Are Normally Available.
- Oct 27, 2017-

As the nineteenth session of the people's congress held all chemical plants to stop production, the General Assembly on October 24 the successful conclusion of this notice:

After the October 26th our factory began to produce all the products, because many products before no inventory, to many customers brought some trouble, I am sorry.

After the factory starts production, we will increase the stock as soon as possible if you need to look forward to your inquiry.

In order to meet the nineteenth well held.Hong Kong Rongxin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd  All products have a 5% discount.

hot sale products have Testosterone CypionateTestosterone Enanthate Trenbolone EnanthateNandrolone Decanoate Drostanolone PropionateHGH,Peptides and so on.If you are interested in our products please contact me.

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