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Do You Want To Have Strong Muscles?
- Jul 20, 2018-

Do you want to have strong muscles?

Try contrast training

Contrast training incorporates heavy strength training with plyometric training in the same workout. The physiological mechanism behind this training method is known as post-activation potentiation, or PAP for short. Basically, you’ll start with a heavy strength training exercise (roughly five-rep max). After a 3–10 minute break, you’ll do a similar plyometric exercise for about 5-10 reps.


Research has shown an improvement (or potentiation) of the plyometric exercise, in that more force and power can be developed. An example is back squats followed by tuck jumps.


Just be sure to take some time. If the break between the strength and plyometric exercise is too short, you’ll experience fatigue and a decrease in jump performance. It’s not a superset, so don’t perform these exercises like a circuit.


In addition to effective exercise, you also need to combine high quality HGH.

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