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Do You Know That Livzon Hcg Is Out Of Stock? No Brand Hcg Is in Normal Supply.
- Apr 15, 2022-

What's Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) 5000iu/vial,10vials/kit is used for the diagnosis and treatment of cryptorchidism before puberty. At the same time, it can also treat male infertility caused by hypopituitarism, and can be used in combination with urogonadotropin. If some people have chronic gonadotropin dysfunction, they need to be supplemented with testosterone therapy. If women have anovulatory infertility due to lack of pituitary gonadotropin, usually after clomiphene treatment fails, the combination of HCG and postmenopausal gonadotropin is used to promote ovulation. For in vitro fertilization, multiple oocytes can be obtained, and combined with postmenopausal gonadotropins. This product is also used clinically to treat female corpus luteum insufficiency, functional uterine bleeding, threatened abortion in early pregnancy, habitual abortion and other diseases.

Why is Livzon hcg out of stock?

We received a notice from the factory in early April that due to various reasons such as the impact of the epidemic and the shortage of raw materials, Livzon hcg was temporarily unable to produce, so it was out of stock. The specific time to resume production is to be determined, and it may be out of stock for 3-4 months. We know that many customers love Livzon hcg, but we're sorry we can't offer it to you right now.

If you still need hcg, we recommend that you buy unbranded hcg, which has the same effect as Livzon hcg, but without solvent, you can use sodium chloride as a solvent without affecting the effect. And Livzon hcg may cause the price of unlicensed hcg to rise after the stock is out, so if you need hcg, please buy it as soon as possible.

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