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Choose Oral Or Injection For The First Time Using Steroids?
- Nov 22, 2021 -

With the increasing number of fitness and fitness enthusiasts, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to steroids and contact steroids.

The reason is simple. Using steroids will speed up muscle growth, increase strength, endurance, and recovery ability. But in the face of so many powerful advantages, the side effects cannot be ignored.

Steroid injections and medications. Are the side effects of oral and injections the same? Which is better? The side effects are basically cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, gonad suppression, prostatitis pressure and so on. Oral hepatotoxicity will be larger.....

Let's put it this way, the side effect of oral administration at the same dose is one more hepatotoxicity, and the other side effects are basically the same. Oral damage to the liver will be greater.

In addition, due to pharmacological reasons, oral administration is not suitable for long cycles. Injections are king! All professional bodybuilders who do you see do oral c? Just ask, how many people who really play bodybuilding play pure oral cycle?

It is nothing more than the drug dealer who caught the client’s fear of injections and thought that injections would be harmful. What can I do for oral c

Not only the effect is poor, but the side effects are not small at all! It's all following the customer! I think this needs to be corrected! Oral c, you are better off natural bodybuilding.

Oral drugs are generally used as starter drugs or auxiliary drugs. Just like playing League of Legends. A team needs to have meat, ap, adc, and assistance. Your team is full of support and meat. Is the effect not very good?

Injections can use long-chain ones such as testosterone enanthate or decahyl and boldenone. It does not need to be injected every day. Just register 1-2 times a week.

I think the effect of a normal primary cycle is much stronger than that of pure oral advanced c, and the side effects are much smaller!


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