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Bank Of America Is Reopening, Are You Ready To Order?
- Jul 17, 2020 -

Before the United States was affected by the virus, all venues were temporarily closed, including entertainment venues and banks. The epidemic slowly stabilized. In July, the United States restarted and resumed banking work. Many customers who had planned to pay now began to plan orders and complete the payment.

In order to thank customers for their support, the following discounts are available for placing orders in July:

(1) All hgh (jintropin, hygetropin, kigtropin, riptropin, rentropin), as long as you buy 10kits, we give 1kit as a gift for free.

(2) For all steroid powder products, as long as the order is placed, we will have a 3%-5% discount and a free sample of 3-5g as a gift.

(3) All finished products (steroid injections, tablets, peptides) will have a 5% discount price as long as the order exceeds $1,000.



If you are interested in participating in our discount promotions, please contact us as soon as possible.


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