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Add New Payment Method---Bitcoin
- Mar 16, 2018 -

New payment method: Bitcoin

Due to customer demand,in addition to Western Union Money Gram,Bank Transfer and PayPal. our company added a new payment method --- Bitcoin.

If you can pay for Bitcoin, please contact us to place an order.


Bitcoin is electronic cash similar to e-mail, and both parties of the transaction need a "Bitcoin purse" similar to an e-mail address and a "Bitcoin address" similar to an e-mail address. Like sending and receiving e-mails, the remittance party pays the bitcoin directly to the other party via the computer or smart phone at the recipient's address. The following table lists some websites that download bitcoin wallets and addresses for free.

The Bitcoin address is a string of approximately 33 characters long, consisting of letters and numbers, always starting with 1 or 3, for example "1DwunA9otZZQyhkVvkLJ8DV1tuSwMF7r3v". Bitcoin software can automatically generate an address, and does not require networking to exchange information when generating an address. It can be performed offline [2]. There are more than 2 Bitcoin addresses available. To put it bluntly, there are about 2 grains of sand in the world. If there is one earth in each grain of sand, then the total number of bitcoin addresses far exceeds the total number of all these "earth" sands.


Bitcoin addresses and private keys appear in pairs, and their relationship is like bank card numbers and passwords. The Bitcoin address is used like a bank card number to record how much Bitcoin you have on that address. You can freely generate bitcoin addresses to store bitcoins. When each bitcoin address is generated, a private key corresponding to the address is generated. This private key can prove that you own the Bitcoin on this address. We can simply understand the bitcoin address as the bank card number, and the private key of this address is understood as the password of the corresponding bank card number. Only if you know the bank password can you use the money on the bank card number. So save your address and private key when using Bitcoin wallet.


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