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your fitness is for what?
- Jun 28, 2017 -

For fitness enthusiasts, many times I have asked myself: your fitness is for what?

May be the beginning of each person began to iron the original intention is very simple: "too thin, want to practice muscle wear clothes look good", "too fat, want to lose weight", "health problems, high blood lipids, fatty liver", " Big force "," the body is not being bullied "," imagine the muscles male xx so handsome "," practicing big loaded force "... ...


No matter what the original intention of starting iron, I believe that when we put fitness into sleep as natural as natural, into life, a few months later, our harvest far more than that. "Your fitness is for what" The answer to this question will change. No matter what your answer is now, I believe that the fitness has been integrated into the life you benefit from not only your body, but also a life discipline, a positive spirit of life - fitness spirit.

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