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Why is the price of sibutramine in the market very different?
- Apr 16, 2019 -

In recent years, the demand for sibutramine in the market has been increasing, and the supply and demand of sibutramine in European and American customers have been very large. Currently, there are differences in sibutramine on the market, and their differences are:

One is a powder material with a lens on the surface. Its purity is low, only between 80% and 90%. The price is relatively cheap, and the market price is about 400-500 US dollars.

The other is a fine powder with a relatively fine powder. The purity is relatively high, about 98%-99%. The purification process has increased, and its price has doubled. The market price is 3500-4000 dollars. The difference between the two prices is not only reflected in the change in purity, but also in the use of customers.


We believe that for the supply and demand of sibutramine powder, as a raw material powder, customers who manufacture finished products in batches can supply the raw material powder of Xibu with low purity. For customers with quality requirements, we recommend purchasing sibutramine with higher purity.

If you need high purity sibutramine please contact us.

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