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Why is Testosterone propionate the most popular testosterone?
- Oct 29, 2021 -

Testosterone propionate is one of the earliest and best-selling testosterone products in the world. Named after its fast separation of short-chain propionic acid esters. Testosterone propionate has basically the same effect as other testosterone, but its short 48-hour half-life determines that it must be used frequently. Most athletes will inject it every other day in order to maintain a stable blood concentration.

As a simple hormone, testosterone propionate is very effective and is used by a large number of athletes. However, some people feel uncomfortable because they are too sensitive to propionate. This problem can be solved by switching to other drugs.

The level of testosterone is increased by first reducing the level of testosterone, and the body adapts to produce more testosterone. So we can reduce our testosterone levels through some training, and reach a new peak after rest, and can make the muscles burst.

Testosterone propionate has a long history in the United States and other regions, and is still a very common form of testosterone in the global market. However, it must be emphasized that its influence in the market is mainly due to its history, not its unique performance. Testosterone propionate is the first accepted ester of testosterone, and therefore has a history of decades as a therapeutic agent. Many companies have been selling for decades and will continue to sell as long as there is still demand. However, other (more modern) forms of testosterone are more popular today because of their slower action and more comfortable dosing schedules. Testosterone propionate is still approved for sale in the United States, but the market prospects here are doubtful.

Bodybuilders generally consider propionate to be the mildest testosterone ester, and the hormone is the preferred form for the diet/line shaping phase. Some people will say that testosterone propionate will harden the body, while giving users less water and fat retention, similar to testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. 


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