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Why is summer suitable for weight loss?
- Jul 05, 2019 -

1. Summer metabolism is faster

Relative to the cold in winter, the body will accelerate the synthesis of fat in order to keep warm, and people in winter are less motivated and eat more. It is not easy to lose weight. In summer, the body needs heat to dissipate heat and speed up metabolism. The metabolism is accelerated, the efficiency of burning fat is high, the calorie intake is easily consumed, and there is no excess heat remaining into fat.


2. Summer appetite is not good

If the metabolism is accelerated, the blood will concentrate on the surface of the skin and the circulation of the limbs, resulting in a decrease in the amount of blood entering the stomach and intestines, and a diminished function. People's appetite for greasy foods is greatly reduced, and the taste will be lighter. As a result, the amount of calories people consume will also decrease.


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