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Why hgh can be your skin smooth and elastic?
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Why hgh can be your skin smooth and elastic?

It is well known that the role of hgh can improve the skin, eliminate wrinkles, keep the skin delicate and smooth, fine pores, reduce stains, restore skin elasticity, enhance facial contours.

The most important ingredient that keeps the skin smooth and smooth is two important proteins - collagen fibrin and elastin, with moderate water.

With age, the body of collagen fibrin and elastin decreased, with the gradual trend of dehydration, so the skin becomes rough, wrinkles also arise. HGH can promote the synthesis of protein, promote collagen fibrin, elastin synthesis, coupled with the promotion of blood circulation, increase intracellular nitrogen content. These can promote the skin cells of the new and split, to speed up the healing of the wound, while the kidneys to promote the re-absorption of sodium and water, so that subcutaneous muscle tissue increased, combined effect, make the skin becomes more smooth, more flexible , So that wrinkles calm, small pores, and the role of the contours of the face to enhance the role.


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