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Why does Winstrol attract athletes?
- Mar 24, 2020-

In the anabolic world there is a host of drugs but of all the steroids available perhaps none carries the level of fame as does Winstrol. It's a drug known by many who've never trained or even thought about competing in any genre of sports and this fame has in many cases led to infamy. For those who are part of the anabolic world Winstrol is nothing new; for over four decades it has been used for sports enhancing purposes but for the masses it is often a drug that stands out quite a bit.

Make no mistake, Winstrol is not only used by those in the baseball or track and field world; it is a long standing favorite of many bodybuilders. Even though it doesn't possess the incredible mass building qualities of many other anabolic steroids it definitely serves a purpose. It can be a great addition to a bodybuilders contest preparations due to its hardening effects. Further, it is also commonly used by many female physique competitors due to it being far less androgenic than many other anabolic steroids. No matter who's using Winstrol be they in the physique world, baseball, track and field or in mixed martial arts where it is commonly found, Winstrol to this day remains a favorite among the millions of anabolic steroid users.


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