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Why do you often exercise, or can not be thin?
- Jul 10, 2017-

Some people like to exercise their own, and long-term adherence; some people grew up to develop the habit of exercise. But most of the half-way homes to fitness and sports people, the original intention is directed at the weight loss to go.


You often exercise, or thin down, mainly because of the following four reasons:

1, you are easy to fat constitution

This is hereditary, not sick, so do not worry too much.

Change the "fat body" is the key to make yourself from the inside out into a real thin, which is the success of weight loss and no longer the key to rebound.

2, you eat too much

Some people use vegetarian diet, is a vegetable food as the main ingredients of the weight loss method, long-term consumption of only food foods to avoid high-calorie fat, thereby reducing calorie intake, to a certain extent, can effectively avoid obesity The

Eat the key in the evening that meal, because the best eating habits are: the morning to eat like the emperor, eat how much to eat; noon eat like Minister, Bacheng full on the line; at night to eat like a beggar, Eat less try to eat less

3, you do not insist on exercise

The side effects of exercise weight loss are recognized as minimal. It is not like other weight loss methods, such as eating the biggest side effects of diet pills, it is easy to affect the normal operation of the body; massage weight loss effect is slow, or even no effect.

The exercise to lose weight is by the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, through lasting exercise, lose the body of excess fat, which is undoubtedly the most scientific way to lose weight.

4, your exercise is not enough

The best way to exercise, is aerobic + anaerobic, both thin and body sculpting, sports should be diversified, long-term only a movement is not only monotonous, and your body will slowly adapt to this movement, the effect will be poor.


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